If you are a Dutch (fanatic) football fan, you can only be jealous on the German. Supporters can easily drink a beer with each other. Just the Ultra's get heavily police escorted from the 'Hauptbahnhof' to the stadium. When I have an awayday with Feyenoord to a club as Vitesse, we have to go directly to the stadium. Also we are not allowed to go to the city to drink a beer. Anyway Friday 3rd of march I visited one of the many 'Rheinderby's'. VFL Bochum - Fortuna Dusseldorf. 

When I arrived at Bochum, it looked like a war zone. Everywhere there were police cars and horses. Normal tourists and people were, at least, thinking there has been some terroristic activity, 

The Ultra's of Fortuna Dusseldorf marching in. 

The stadium, the Vonovia Ruhrstadium, is a pretty nice one. Behind the goal there is a stand with just terraces. Also the stadium has some great floodlights!

After an hour in the stadium, where I toke some beers and a 'currywurst', the match could start. The vocal support from Bochum was great. The numbers of fans and ultra's is something special when you realize Schalke 04 and BVB Dortmund are just playing around the corner. The Ultra's and fanatics never stopped singing. 

Beer, football and pyro, one of the best combinations in live!

After 80 minutes football, the score was 1-1. Fortuna was the better one, Bochum was just defending. The last 10 minutes, it seemed Bochum was changing the match. They could force some chances. 

But in the 93rd minute, a stupid defending action lead to a penalty for Dusseldorf. The referee was shit today, but this seemed a right decision. Fans were pissed off. They could just hope that Fortuna would miss their penalty. Fortuna didn't miss. 

So the fans of Dusseldorf could have a great party. After the game, the fans off Dusseldorf en Bochum walked, together, to the city and the 'Hauptbahnhof'. The atmosphere was tensed. There were some small fights between normal fans, but the police kept control off the crowd.